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Audyt Urzędu Lotnictwa Cywilnego

Informujemy, że wynik audytu Centralnej Szkoły Szybowcowej, przeprowadzonego przez Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego jest bardzo dobry. Posiadamy wszelkie

Dodano: 2017-11-07


Dodano: 2016-11-21

Brak imprez.

Visiting Pilots

Information for pilots visiting Central Gliding School Leszno

As the only place in the world being a triple host of the World Gliding Championships of 1958, 1968 and 2003, Leszno is also hosting Junior World Gliding Championships 2013 and World Gliding Championships 2014. No wonder it is considered a world gliding center.

Feel free to visit our gliding School preparing for JWGC, WGC or just come and fly with using Leszno unique thermal opportunities.

Leszno has large areas of uncontrolled airspace, big and safe airfield with 4 runways, no terrain obstacles and accommodation right on the airfield.

You can easily join our school without membership payment, no matter if you have your own glider or would like to rent it.

Contact us as soon as possible to gain opportunity of training with the best Polish competitors and instructors who help you explore the neighbourhood.

How to get:

By car

leszno Simple connection from Poznan and Wroclaw via national road no.5, distance to Leszno:
Warsaw:390 km
Berlin: 280 km
Poznan:80 km
Wroclaw: 100 km

Airline connections

Within 100 km there are 2 international airports Poznan and Wroclaw Airport with regular connections with Europe's biggest cities provided by Ryanair, Wizzair, Lufthansa, SAS and LOT. For more information, please see: Airport Wrocław, Airport Poznań

By train:

Very good connection from Poznan and Wroclaw, train departs almost every hour, for more information, please see:

By aircraft:

Please look for VFR map.

Flying opportunities:
Seven days a week from mid-March to mid-October

Usual CU cloudbase 1500 – 2000 m 2500 m not a rarity

Cross-country speeds achieved on club class gliders: 110 km/h

Available gliders:

Double seater: Arcus M (April 14th - April 27th) , Puchacz

Single seater: Jantar Std 2/3,SZD-59 ACRO, Jantar 2B, Junior


Cost of aero tows:

every 100 m `EUR 6, (PLN 25),

winch `EUR 10 (PLN 40)

Glider rental prices

Type: Arcus M

Per day (besides weekends and holidays): EUR 225
Per day (weekends and holiday):EUR 250
Per week/2 weeks: EUR 1 300/EUR 2 340
Engine labour/1 min: EUR 2

Type: Puchacz, ACRO, Jantar Std, Jantar 2B

PLN 1,4/min (`EUR 0,35/min)

Cross-country gliding camps  

We welcome overseas pilots to fly during 2013 Central Gliding School Camps: 


1. May 7-12  
2. May 12-19
3. May 21-26 
4. May 27 - June 2 
5. June 4-16
6. June 18-25
7. July 2-16
8. July 18-23 
9. August 14-25 
10. August 27 - September 1 

Accommodation on the airfield (daily):

Hotel rooms `EUR 40 – 100 (PLN 155-380)

3 room apartment `EUR 60 (PLN 250)

Hostel (common rooms): ` EUR 7 (PLN 30) per person

Camping ` EUR 1 (PLN 5) per tent, ` EUR 0,75 (PLN 3) per person

Catering per person: Restaurant ` EUR 15 (PLN 50)

For bookings and more information please see,

Additional information:

Free Wi-Fi connection

What beside flying?

  • Speedway stadium and league leading club;
  • Leszno old town;
  • Numerous palaces in the area;
  • "Akwawit" aquapark;
  • Lakes providing opportunity of swimming, sailing and other watersports.
  • Contact

    For more information please contact us:
    Telephone: 0048 65 529 24 00